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  • Toothpastes

The most important thing that your toothpaste should do is deliver fluoride to your teeth.  We can give you advice on the most appropriate toothpaste to use depending on your situation.  Some toothpastes we stock can only be bought from a dental practice or are issued on prescription as the fluoride content is higher.

Colgate make Duraphat toothpaste which come in two stronger than normal concentrations.These help people who are more at risk of getting decay in their teeth. If you think this may apply to you, why not give us a call?

Tooth mousse is not a toothpaste but a cream which can be applied to your teeth.  It contains bio-available calcium and phosphate which can help give added enamel protection, reduce tooth sensitivity and when used in the practice can help remove marks in the enamel outer shell of teeth.

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