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Dental Injuries

  • dental injuries

If you have ever knocked your teeth you will know how scary it can be when, for that moment in time, you are worried if you have damaged them permanently.  We understand that when patients do call after hurting themselves they want reassurance and to be seen as soon as possible.

Please see our advice sheet on what to do if you or a love one are unfortunate enough to injure your mouth.

Treatment options for injured teeth depend on what type of injury has occurred and how old the injured person is.  We will treat you with an evidence-based approach, taking into consideration what your expectations are.  We will aim to relieve you from any pain and carry out treatment to help you save the tooth. If your tooth cannot be saved, we can help you decide how best to proceed with the most appropriate tooth replacement option for you and do whatever we can to keep you smiling.

‘Thank you for the marvellous work last week!  Sorry to have missed the end of the procedure, but I sure saw the fine results.  She is healing well, and smiling much.  Your abilities (and good humour) were a welcome harbour in a storm of oral chaos!’


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