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Custom-made teeth

  • Custom made tooth replacements

When restoring fixed teeth on implants we only use custom-made abutments (which link the implant to the prosthetic tooth).

Standard abutments are cheaper but they do not tend to work as well for many different reasons.

Paul usually plans to hold the implant-supported crown to the implant using a screw at the base of a hole running through the prosthesis which is then filled in with white filling material.

Implant screw retained crown page image 570x603

If the prosthetic tooth needs to come off in the future, the filling material can be simply removed and the prosthetic tooth unscrewed.

Implant screw retained crown in situ page image 570x603

Sometimes things need to be done differently in the front of the mouth.  If you would like to find out more please read on by clicking the sensitive and detailed region below.

Implant-retained dentures

implant-retaiend upper denture

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Sensitive and Detailed Information

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Below is a series of photos of a patient who needed to have their two front teeth removed as they had long standing infection around them.

Anterior failing crowns page image 570x252

They had too much infection causing bone loss and too narrow a space to place two implants.  The options were talked through with the patient and they chose to have one implant to replace two missing teeth.

Throughout the time of treatment the patient always had a fixed tooth replacement in place, which was held in place by the neighbouring teeth (resin bonded bridge).  It was only removed in the treatment room and replaced at the end of each session so they had the confidence to work and socialise.

anterior teeth lost and healed page image 570x252

One implant was placed in the correct location for a good aesthetic outcome and eventually a custom-made abutment was constructed seen here on the study model.

anterior implant zirconia abutment page image 570x252


The custom-made zirconia abutment is very gum and bone friendly.  The abutment has been designed to allow Paul to ensure no cement is left deep down, closer to the underlying bone where it is very difficult to reach.

cement retained implant supported bridge page image 570x396

A beautiful prosthesis (false teeth) was made by dental technician Stephen Lusty, which was then very carefully cemented into place.

restored anterior implant teeth page image 570x283

The patient was very pleased with the final result.



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