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Crowns and Bridges

  • Crowns and Bridges

Crowns are necessary when a tooth is fractured or has a very large filling in it and is susceptible to breaking further.  Having a crown involves shaving down the outer surface of the tooth and taking an impression.  The work is then sent to our dental technicians who construct a crown to the specifications prescribed.  Studies tell us that over a 10 year period approximately 10% of teeth die off after having a crown.  As a consequence we will only suggest a crown if we really think you would benefit from it.

Bridges replace missing teeth and stay fixed to your own teeth.  There are two types; conventional and adhesive.

Conventional bridges require the cutting down of at least one neighbouring tooth which is then crowned.  These bridges are now done less and less as if a tooth doesn’t really need crowning it should be left alone.

Adhesive bridges use bonding technology to adhere one or two wings to the neighbouring tooth or teeth.  This means the teeth either side are not cut back.  They are a very good option in the right circumstances as long as they are carefully designed and constructed.

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Please note that the clinical photos have been taken by Paul McGannity and have not been altered in any way.

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Sensitive and Detailed Information

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This patient had a tooth which had a poor long term prognosis.  They didn’t like the look of their crowns which had been carefully looked after for over 20 years.

all ceramic crowns 460x229

After discussing all the options with the patient the tooth was removed and a provisional adhesive bridge was fitted on the same day.  The tooth socket was also augmented to improve the overall gum contour following tooth loss.

socket preservation 460x261

immediate RBB 460x283

After healing the crowns were replaced with highly aesthetic all ceramic crowns and a new adhesive bridge was made to replace the missing tooth.

all ceramic crowns and RBB facial view 460x264

This last picture shows the metal wing bonded to the back surface of the patients’ canine tooth.

all ceramic crowns and RBB palatal 460x238


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