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Waterside Dentalcare use leading digital technologies to deliver a more comfortable, accurate, tooth kind and predictable service.

Over the last 2 years we have upgraded our workflow greatly by going digital. We get really excited about all the new developments in dentistry but only if it is going to benefit our patients. With the use of our iTero intra-oral scanner we can take digital impressions and avoid the need for gooey impressions that can make people gag.  We use our iTero intra-oral scanner to deliver orthodontics, crowns, bridges and veneers and to make comparisons and monitor tooth movement.

We also use it in implant care; it is a vital stage in dental implant planning and allows us to work closely with excellent technicians. We have had great feedback from our patients who say it is a much more comfortable way of having treatment and many find it fascinating to see the image of their teeth on the screen and learn a bit about the new technology. We pride ourselves in investing in new, proven technologies to deliver excellent outcomes.

Working with a digital workflow allows us to seamlessly produce more aesthetic work using high quality new materials which require less heavy tooth preparation than would previously have been required.

Our Cone Beam CT (CBCT) scanner uses x-rays to produce digital 3-D models of patient’s jaw bones. CBCT scans are done most frequently for patients who are looking to have implant surgery although there are other indications for use. We also accept referrals for CBCT scans from other dentists in the area.

The use of the CBCT scanner and iTero intraoral scanner together has completely transformed the way in which implants are planned and also placed. Paul will take a CBCT scan of a patient to allow him to assess bone volume and determine whether a site is suitable for an implant.

We have a dental piezo surgical unit called the Variosurg. It allows us to carry out surgical procedures with more precision without damaging soft tissues such as gums, blood vessels and nerves.

We also have PRGF technology. This is based on using the body’s own resources to cure itself. Our blood contains a set of proteins responsible for repairing tissues naturally. The PRGF technique allows us to harvest the platelet-rich autologous plasma and concentrate it to result in the natural repair and regeneration of your tissues.

Precision Oral Surgery

Our practice is very well equipped with the appropriate advances in dental technology to deliver excellent outcomes for patients.

3D X-ray Scanning

As in medicine, 3-dimensional imagining had transformed the way we can make diagnoses and plan treatments.

Digital Impressions

At Waterside Dentalcare we are committed to keeping up to date with the newest advances in technology which we feel will truly benefit our patients.


PRGF technology is based on using the body’s own resources to cure itself. Our blood contains a set of proteins responsible for repairing tissues naturally.

Dental Implant Planning

Dental implants are a predictable and reliable way of replacing missing teeth, especially when the planning and delivery is performed in a considered and careful manner.

Guided Surgery

Guided implant surgery involves the use of specialist instruments and techniques to accurately place implants in a meticulously planned position. It takes a lot of careful and in-depth planning in order to carry out guided implant surgery, so is only carried out by experienced clinicians.

Piezo Surgery

Dental piezo surgery is used in many different situations. It can be used for dental extractions, sinus augmentation surgery, periodontal surgery and endodontic surgery.

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