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Healthy Gums

Your gums are the foundations for your teeth.

If you know how to look after your gums you are right on-track to having healthy teeth for a long time.

At Waterside Dentalcare we want to help you prevent problems with your teeth before they occur and naturally help you put things right when you need us to.
Some people are susceptible to more severe gum health problems when the attachment is lost between the tooth and the bone. This is known as Periodontal Disease.
Periodontal Disease is responsible for around half of the amount of teeth which are lost in the UK, so it is really important that it is treated well and prevented from returning. In addition, Periodontal Disease has been associated with other problems, making conditions such as Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes worse. Treating your periodontal disease may not only help you save your teeth!
There are certain groups of patients who suffer more with periodontal disease. These include people who have it running in their family tree (genetically predisposed to problems), smokers, and people who have compromised immune systems (such as diabetes or HIV).
At Waterside Dentalcare we routinely carry out a full assessment of your gum health and make a treatment plan for your specific requirements. It is a combination of education, careful treatment and attention to the details. We will also accept referrals from dentists who have patients with more advanced periodontal disease.

Non surgical treatment

In the past, treatment for periodontal disease used to involve lots of painful surgical procedures. Now we know that the majority of patients can be treated non-surgically through regular visits to flush out bacteria from the gum pockets around the teeth. This is a gentle process and usually does not require local anaesthetic. The overall treatment takes a little longer but is far less invasive.
Our highly experienced dental hygienists will be instrumental in helping you to get back on track with your gum health should you require it.
Karen and Sarah will show you how to be most effective with your home care, which is essential if the treatment is going to be a success. They will take measurements of your gum disease activity and treatment will be concentrated especially in these sites. Treatment involves cleaning the roots surfaces of the teeth below the gum level, removing tartar and the biofilm (plaque) before it has a chance to mature into a more aggressive community of bacteria which is the cause of the disease.
Periodontal disease is a complex interaction between your teeth, gums, bacteria and your immune system. A healthy lifestyle and suitable diet will help improve your gum health and we can give you advice on what to eat and any vitamin or mineral supplements which may help.

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