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Advanced Restorative Dentistry

Advanced Restorative Dentistry

It’s great news that more people are keeping their teeth for longer but with a change in lifestyle we are seeing more and more broken, drifted and worn-down teeth which needs treatment with techniques used in advanced restorative dentistry.

Are you are suffering with lots of broken fillings and snapped teeth?

Would you like to preserve what teeth you have?

Even though dental implants are a predictable treatment option we still try our best to preserve your own teeth with advanced restorative dentistry techniques.

We aim to provide you with a comfortable and aesthetic solution by setting up your bite up in a way to reduce the amount of problems you are likely to have in the future.

With careful planning and advances in adhesive dentistry,  treatment from expert clinicians with skilled hands means outcomes have now become more predictable and less invasive.

Why not get in touch with us today and find out how we can help you eat and smile with confidence again?

More advanced treatments need careful planning so when you visit we are likely to start with a good chat of what is concerning you and what you would like to achieve before carrying out an examination.

We are also likely to need to use our  iTero 3D oral scanner to take accurate models of your teeth and record how you bite together in function and clinical photographs and 2D or even 3D radiographs (pictures of teeth and bone using x-rays).

Once we have obtained the information that we require and addressed any gum health problems, we can discuss the different options with you and explain the associated costs.

Treatments may involve the use of:
  • Dental composite fillings
  • Dental crowns, dental bridges and dentures
  • False teeth replacements using dental implants
  • Dental implant crowns and dental implant bridges
  • Full mouth reconstructions on existing teeth
  • Same day teeth reconstructions on implants using Straumann® Pro Arch

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