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Oral Surgery

For Implants


The Dental Oral Surgery used in the placement of a dental implant is often no worse, or often less traumatic than having the tooth removed which the implant is going to replace. 

They can sometimes be placed at the same time as the tooth is removed but only when the circumstances are right.  We choose to use sterile set up protocols with gowns and drapes, as you would see in an operating theatre so that the environment is optimal for success.

If we need to use regenerative materials we use the most tried, tested and researched biomaterials available and protocols recommended by the International Team for Implantology for a predictable result.

Careful, tidy dental oral surgery surgery results in more predictable and quicker healing with less scarring, which is particularly important in the front of the mouth.

We pride ourselves on our post-treatment care and will take time to ensure you are comfortable before you leave the practice.  You will already know what to expect and how to look after things after your surgery as we will give you this information before your visit.

Dental Implants

Custom Made Tooth Replacements

When restoring fixed teeth on implants we only use custom-made abutments (which link the implant to the prosthetic tooth).


Dental implants are fantastic but still not as great as keeping your own teeth. Dental implants have transformed the way in which we now treatment plan and offer options to patients.

Implant Supported Dentures

Dentures held snug and tightly in place using dental implants change the quality of life of the person wearing a denture dramatically.

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