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Prevent Tooth Decay

‘Prevention is better than cure’ applies to all aspects of dentistry.

We hope to help you understand how you can improve the well-being of your mouth, gums and teeth and then keep it that way. We will carry out the treatment you choose, and help to keep you on track with regular examinations and visits to the dental hygienist as appropriate.

Gum Disease

To help prevent tooth decay, gum disease and periodontal disease we recommend you have an appointment with one of our dental hygienists at least every 6 months. Working alongside our hygienists and dentists are our dental care nurses who have oral health educator qualifications or tooth brushing instruction qualifications; all of our patients are able to book appointments with them for extra oral hygiene advice.

Dental Care Routine

A good home dental care routine and careful diet is crucial in order to minimise risk of tooth decay. Our dentists, hygienists and oral health educators can give diet advice and will often give patients food diaries to complete. This can help us to pinpoint things in patients diets that they might not be aware contain sugar and therefore will be contributing to decay.

Reduce Sugar Intake

As well as helping to prevent tooth decay, reducing sugar intake also has many other health benefits such as lessening the risk of obesity and diabetes. At every examination assessment the dentist will carry out an oral cancer screening; we will ask about smoking habits and alcohol consumption as the combination of these things has been proven to increase the risk of oral cancer.
Whist it is still rare, oral cancer is on the increase in young adults. This is associated with the HPV (human papilloma virus); we can discuss the benefits of the vaccination which is now available.

Many thanks to Paul and all the team at Waterside for your friendly and professional care as you have worked to restore our family’s dental health over the past year. The treatment plans were well explained and the procedures were all painless thanks to your skilled use of the latest techniques as well as reassuring manner. Above all, the brushing advice and hygienist care will help our smiles stay in good shape over the years to come and reduce the need for further treatment.

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