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Implant Supported

Are your dentures constantly sore?

Have you stopped going out for meals because you are worried that your dentures will not stay in place?

Can you no longer eat your favourite meal?

Do you wish your upper denture would not cover the roof of your mouth?

Would you like to taste your food better?

Do your dentures no longer support the shape of your face?

If so, the team at Waterside Dentalcare can help you!

Dental implants were first designed to help hold in dentures in the 1960s  and things have progressed hugely since this time.  At Waterside Dentalcare we use highly trusted materials and components with the aim of delivering the most predictable and durable results.

Dentures held snug and tightly in place using dental implants change the quality of life of the person wearing a denture dramatically.

Lower dentures no longer bounce up and down and upper dentures no longer need coverage of the palate, which allows the wearer to enjoy their food.  They can now taste, feel the texture and know how hot or cold their food is.

Implant-retained dentures are particularly helpful in cases where a person has lost a considerable amount of bone and gum following the removal of their teeth.  Dentures not only replace the teeth, but also the gum which has shrunk away.

Implant-retained dentures click in and out using precision attachments linked to implants.  Since the dentures are ‘removable’ they can be taken out to enable easy cleaning of both the denture, gum and implants.

Implant retained dentures should ideally be left out at night time to allow the skin in your mouth to breathe and reduce the risk of fractures if you are one of many who grip or grind your teeth at night.

Precision attachment abutments in the mouth click into inserts in the denture so making the denture securely fixed in place.

In some specific circumstances, bars can be precision-milled to support removable implant-retained dentures.  These offer even greater durability and security for patients who need this, though they can be more difficult to clean around.  The bars stay in the mouth and are screwed onto the dental implants.  The dentures click in over the top and resist even the heaviest of sideways chewing loads.

Dental Implants

Dental Oral Surgery

The placement of a dental implant is usually no worse, or often less traumatic than having the tooth out which the implant is going to replace.

Custom Made Tooth Replacements

When restoring fixed teeth on implants we only use custom-made abutments (which link the implant to the prosthetic tooth).


Dental implants are fantastic but still not as great as keeping your own teeth. Dental implants have transformed the way in which we now treatment plan and offer options to patients.

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