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Piezo Surgery

What is dental piezo surgery?

Dental piezo surgery is used in many different situations. It can be used for dental extractions, sinus augmentation surgery, periodontal surgery and endodontic surgery. It is an ultrasonic surgical system that prevents thermal damage and preserves soft tissue structures.
Since using the piezo surgery for more complicated tooth extractions, along with magnifying loupes and a very bright light, we have found that we have greatly reduced the number of instances where it has been necessary to cut the gum and carry out a more invasive surgical procedure. We use irrigation liquid to cool the tips, which is refrigerated sterile saline. This is allows us to carry out treatment using sterile instruments without warming bone, teeth and dental implants to a level where they would otherwise be damaged.

How does dental piezo surgery work?

The piezo is a surgical ultrasonic device which vibrates the tip of the instrument rather than rotating a cutting bur or drill. The tips are specifically designed for the purpose and the power can also be controlled more precisely which leads to considerably less damage to surrounding tissues.
The Piezo surgery device is used when we need a high level of precision when performing surgery, when there is an increased risk of soft tissue and nerve damage, or when we want to preserve bone during tooth extractions, for example when the plan is to replace the failing and unrestorable tooth with a dental implant.

When do we use it?

Removal of wisdom teeth

To reduce post extraction pain, swelling and bruising as well as nerve injury (numbness to lip, chin and tongue).

Removal of broken teeth

When a conventional surgical approach would be required otherwise

Root-end surgery – this is when the area at the end of the root of the tooth needs to be cleaned out and a tiny filling placed, for example after a cyst is removed. The success of the treatment is largely dependent on precise preparation of the root canal opening at the tip of the tooth.

Periodontal surgery – the piezo surgery unit allows us to precisely recontour bone around teeth and implants which is often important when it is necessary to improve their prognoses.

Sinus augmentation surgery – during this procedure the skin lining the sinus has to be manipulated. This skin is often only as thick as the inside lining of an egg and can tear easily. Since the dental piezo surgery unit is kind to soft tissues, the area can be accessed with reduced risk of tearing the Schneiderian membrane.

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