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Dentistry For Nervous Patients

Helping Anxious Dental Patients

During the last twenty years we have learnt a lot about providing high quality dentistry for anxious patients. Modern therapeutic techniques and materials have shortened treatment times but people have higher expectations and these need to be met with special care and understanding.
The practice and its environment, reflects our attitudes and ideals. We believe it provides a safe, comfortable and healing environment in which to receive your care.
Our glass fronted treatment rooms ensure our prime waterside location can be enjoyed by all patients throughout their treatment. We believe that this naturally therapeutic and calming environment actually assists in the healing process.
The way we provide our healthcare is quite different to many dental practices. We use a team approach to provide an excellent standard of care so that you can relax as much as possible in a calm environment.
With carefully administered local anaesthetic and a gentle technique most of our anxious patients do really well.
Many of our patients find that the relaxing environment and caring approach is enough to put them at ease sufficiently to have treatment under local anaesthetic.
We will give you the time you require to have the treatment you need and if you don’t like the local anaesthetic ask us about the wand!
Phobic patients
If you are really anxious, phobic, or want extra help in getting through a particular procedure we can help! Acupuncture and conscious sedation work well in helping anxious patients or people who gag.
In addition to helping patients who are particularly anxious or gag, Hannah McHugh helps patients with jaw and/or facial pain.
Conscious sedation
We can sedate patients using a medicine delivered into a vein in your hand or arm. We carefully monitor your level of sedation and recovery before sending you home with a responsible adult. This works really well for the one-off more involved surgical procedures, for patients who have a strong phobia to visiting the dentist, or patients with a very strong gag reflex.
Whilst patients are not being ‘put to sleep’ for treatment, people may find that they doze-off during treatment whether sedated or not. Most patients, whether they doze off or not do not remember their experience, which is a good enough reason for some to choose to be sedated.
Treatment under general anaesthetic
Patients have not been treated under a general anaesthetic in dental practice since the 1990s. If however you are having more involved surgery and want to be asleep Paul can treat you under general anaesthetic at the Duchy Hospital in Truro.

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