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ITI Study Club Cornwall

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Are you looking to get in to implant dentistry and don’t know where to start?

Perhaps you are already placing or restoring implants but cannot find a suitable source of verifiable CPD to consolidate your portfolio?

Are you an experienced implant dentist looking to discuss cases, meet like-minded people and have access to a relevant and valuable source of  evidence-based literature?

Is implant dentistry something that you find a little overwhelming and you are trying to find somewhere to dip a toe?

If you find yourself in any of these situations, then the Cornwall ITI study club is for you!

The International Team for Implantology is a huge organisation whose purpose is to disseminate evidence-based and best-practice information, guidance and helpful tips to clinicians and dental technicians.  Each geographical region has a section which runs study clubs, courses, meetings and congresses.  The ITI also publishes invaluable consensus statements which are put together by groups of specialists in their fields.  They carry out systematic reviews of the literature and discuss the outcomes before publishing their results.

Being a member of the ITI allows you access to a wealth of online learning, forums, courses, congresses and ITI study clubs worldwide.

The ITI study club in Cornwall meets 4 times a year.  The aim is to discuss evidence-based topics on all and any aspect of implant dentistry.

Paul is the Study Club Director for Cornwall, please contact him if you would like to have further information or visit . Meetings are usually held in the evening and each one qualifies for two hours of CPD.  They are for Clinicians and Dental Technicians.

Recent topics have included clinical photography, implants restorations in the aesthetic zone, soft tissue management around implants, sinus augmentation, CBCT scans, augmentation avoiding onlay grafting,treatment planning and case discussions, which members find very rewarding.

Non ITI members are welcome to come to two ‘taster’ meetings before being asked to become a member.  There are so many more benefits to becoming an ITI member in addition to our great local resource so please get in touch and come along.  For further information please  get in touch either via email or phone.

Upcoming Meetings

Tuesday 5 February 2019 6.30-9pm

Management of White and Pink Aesthetics, An Interdisciplinary Approach, with Vincent Fehmer MDT.

Download flyer 2019.02.05 Vincent Fehmer 

This will be a hugely informative meeting delivered by an impressive international speaker.

We are sharing this meeting with Devon ITI Study Club and the venue will be Lanhydrock Hotel and Golf Club.

Description of talk:

The restoration of a tooth or the replacement of a missing tooth in the aesthetic area is very delicate, specifically in patient cases with high lip line. At demanding patients high efforts have to be made to reduce the risk for not ideally shaped or colored restorations and/or for soft tissue discolorations in order to avoid aesthetic failure. From a restorative point of view the type of reconstruction and the material it is made out of  have a significant influence on the result. The current restorative material options offer many aesthetic features to best copy the optical properties of teeth. The colour, chroma and lightness of the aesthetic materials (e.g. ceramics) are hereby important parameters. Furthermore, the translucency is a important both for the mimicking of teeth as also for the masking of discolorations. A structured approach for the evaluation and the establishment of the white aesthetics helps reducing the risk for unpleasant surprises with the result.

Discolored non-vital abutment teeth are a specific challenge with this respect since they may not only be difficult to be masked, but they also may be associated with soft tissue discoloration. Recent studies have evaluated the threshold for the visibility of dental and of mucosal/gingival discoloration. These studies have shown that the human eye detects soft tissue discoloration at similar threshold values as it would detect tooth discoloration. Hence, the pink aesthetics is at least as important as the white aesthetics. Besides the non-vital teeth  implant reconstructions may be challenging with this respect. It has been shown that greyish metallic abutments and metal- ceramic reconstructions lead to dark discoloration of the soft tissue. In conclusion, the selection of the material and the restorative components is of great importance for all types of restorations. Clinicians and technicians need to be aware of the possibilities and also of the limitations of the current restorative options.

Learning objectives:

  • understand the criteria that influence the esthetics of teeth and of soft tissues
  • learn about the visibility of discolorations
  • learn about the restorative options, their possibilities and limitations
  • learn to select restorative options for predictable white and pink esthetic

Venue: Lanhydrock Hotel and Golf Club, PL30 5AQ


Thank you to all the ITI study club Cornwall members for their support. Paul has been to annual UK and Ireland Stud…

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