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PRGF technology is based on using the body’s own resources to cure itself.

Our blood contains a set of proteins responsible for repairing tissues naturally.

The PRGF technique allows us to harvest the platelet-rich autologous plasma and concentrate it to result in the enhanced natural repair and regeneration of your tissues.

We have been using PRGF technology at Waterside Dentalcare for over 4 years.

When is it used?

The most common applications are for:
  • Dental extractions
  • Treatments with implants
  • Treatment of periodontal disease bone defects
  • Bone augmentation procedures

Why use PRGF?

The use of PRGF favours faster and more predictable healing and reduces the risk of post treatment pain, inflammation and infection. We will often suggest using PRGF when taking a tooth out when a patient is interested in having an implant placed at a later date or if the implant is being placed at the same time, as it helps to promote healing and minimise bone loss after an extraction. We also recommend the use of PRGF when carrying out guided bone regeneration and sinus augmentation.

What happens at the appointment?

At your appointment we need to take a sample of your blood which gets spun in our PRGF centrifuge machine to separate the blood plasma, which is rich in growth factors, from the red and white blood cells. This is ideal as it is the white blood cells which cause the inflammatory response. We then separate the platelet-rich autologous plasma into fractions, add a specific amount of calcium chloride to it and warm it to body temperature. We can use the PRFG as a liquid, a clot or as a fibrin membrane depending on how we want to use it.

Are there any side effects?

There are no side effects from using the PRGF. It is efficient and safe, confirmed by 15 years of research, trials and publications, as well as over half a million patients being treated successfully. Anecdotally, we see that our patients heal better when using PRGF. As it is your own blood we are using for this treatment, it is 100% biocompatible.

PRGF membrane ready to be used
This is the fibrin “membrane” which we can produce from the PRGF. It has all sorts of uses but we especially like to use it during sinus augmentation.

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