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Change 4 Life Sugar Swaps

Public Health England’s Change 4 Life Campaign is focusing on Sugar Swaps throughout January. The British Dental Association is pleased that dental health has been given a specific mention, as they have long-campaigned for a reduction in sugar intake to combat the devastating impact it can have on dental health. Tooth decay was the most common reason for hospital admissions for children aged five to nine in 2012-2013. Twenty-eight percent of five year olds in England have tooth decay and of these, 24% have five or more teeth affected.

The PHE campaign encourages parents to cut down the amount of sugar their children consume by making one or more food swaps. Families can register online for a free resource pack, which includes recipe tips, money-off vouchers and stickers. Visit the PHE campaign website for more information: Sugar Swaps

If you would like to speak with Emma, our lead dental nurse and oral health educator, for advice about making some healthy changes then just let us know.


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