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Gum Health and Dental Implants

If treatment to replace missing teeth involves dental implants it is essential that any gum health problems are addressed before implants are placed.

Patients who are susceptible to bone loss around teeth are also susceptible to bone loss around dental implants.  Bone loss around dental implants due to bacterial infection is known as peri-implantitis.

The numbers of patients who have peri-implantitis following the placement of dental implants at Waterside Dentalcare is very low because our patients understand the importance of having regular preventative dental hygiene visits to maintain the well-being of the soft tissues around dental implants and the associated prosthetic teeth.

It is also very important to plan and deliver implant care carefully to ensure the dental implants are placed in the correct position with sufficient surrounding bone and soft tissue coverage so that a prosthesis can be constructed with suitable shapes to facilitate daily cleaning at home.

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