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Dental Implants

Advice following placement

Post Implant Placement Instructions

  • Please ensure that you take any medication that has been prescribed for you.
  • The chlorhexidine mouth rinse is very important to use. Please follow these guidelines to ensure that it is effective:
    • Use it twice a day, for no more than 2 weeks unless advised.
    • Use it 30minutes after brushing in the morning and evening as one of the ingredients in toothpaste will inactivate it.
    • Avoid dark/colourful food and drink for 1hour after rinsing as this will help prevent staining.
  • Avoid any exercise and alcoholon the day of your implant placement as this can increase your blood pressure and cause bleeding.
  • Avoid hot food and drinkon the day of your implant placement as this can also cause bleeding.
  • If you require pain control:
    • Paracetamol is a good pain killer to use first of all. You can take two 500mg tablets four times a day.
    • Ibuprofen is also very effective but should not be taken if you have been advised not to take it, have any stomach complaints, are taking other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, if you are taking warfarin to thin your blood, or think that you may be pregnant. It should be taken with caution if you suffer from asthma. You can take two 200mg tablets three times a day with food.
    • If necessary, you can take both paracetamol and ibuprofen together, but do not exceed the maximum dose for either.
    • If these drugs do not keep your pain under control, please call the practice.
  • Maintain a soft diet for the first three days.
  • Please avoid contact sports at least until you have had your first review appointment.
If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact the practice.
If you have an urgent problem out of hours, please call Paul on his mobile. Please leave a message if necessary, not forgetting your telephone number and he will call you back.

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