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Dentistry For Children & Teens

Teenage Oral Hygiene Advice

  • Brush 2 x daily with afluoride toothpaste and anylon multi tufted toothbrush with a head nobigger than a £1 coin.
  • Use a fluoride mouth wash at a separate timeto brushing, for example after tea( this givesyou an extra boost of fluoride).
  • Limit carbonated drinks as these will erodeyour teeth(also limit to mealtimes only).
  • If you wear a fixed appliance then usean orthodontic toothbrush and interspace brush after every meal if possible, also make sure that you use a fluoride mouthwash at a separate time to brushing.
  • If wearing an appliance avoid sticky food like toffee and other sweets. Also limit carbonated drinks to a minimum.
  • It is extremely important to your oral health to look after your teeth; not only will it give you healthy gums and teeth, it will also give you a lovely smile and fresh breath too.

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