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This information will help you to reduce the wear that can occur to your teeth.

What is acid erosion of the teeth?

Any acid that comes into contact with the teeth regularly will dissolve away the tooth surface. Even the weak acids in some of your favourite foods can do this.The worn teeth can be both unsightly and sometimes painful.

What do I eat that can cause acid erosion?

Acidic foods and drinks (including fizzy drinks such as Coca Cola), citrus fruits, yogurt and dry wine.

How can I prevent acid erosion?

  1. If your meal contained acidic food or drinks, it can help to reduce the damage to your teeth by finishing your meal with a little cheese or milk. Try to eat fewer acidic meals or snacks.
  2. Avoid all acidic food or drinks between meals. Remember, sugar in tea or coffee will also form acids that will damage your teeth.
  3. If as a result of heartburn or indigestion for example, acid from your stomach enters your mouth, rinse your mouth with water or bicarbonate of soda. Do not clean you teeth. To clean your teeth would wear away the softened tooth.
  4. Avoid tooth cleaning after a meal when you have had something acidic. It is better to clean your teeth before a meal. Following an evening meal it would be better to delay tooth cleaning until bedtime. Try cleaning your teeth before breakfast and then simply rinsing the mouth afterwards or stimulating natural saliva by chewing some sugar-free gum.

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