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How To Look After Dentures

Getting The Best From Your New Dentures

When you first have new dentures you may find that they feel strange in your mouth.

You may feel that you have less room in your mouth and that you generate more saliva.

Your dentures are a shape that you are not used to and your tongue is now against a plate as opposed to the roof of your mouth.

You need time for the muscles in your cheek and tongue to get used to holding your new denture in place, this usually takes around 2 weeks.

Eating with your dentures

Take care with very hot or cold foods while your mouth adapts to the sensation of the denture, avoid biting with your front teeth. Chew slowly and evenly with both sides of your mouth to ensure even pressure, you may find that cutting food into smaller pieces and chewing slowly may help.

Speaking with your new dentures

Practice reading aloud in front of a mirror to help get used to speaking with your new dentures. You may feel as though you sound different when you speak, this is because much of the sound is carried to your ears by vibrations in our skull and jawbones, and these vibrations have been altered by your denture.

Have patience and persevere!

It may take time but you will get used to your new dentures and build your own confidence. If you find that they slip, reposition them by gently biting down and swallowing. Many people find that using a denture fixative can help to hold their dentures in place and provide everyday confidence.

When should I use a denture fixative?

Using a denture fixative may help to hold your denture in place. The fixative forms a bond between your mouth and your denture. You may find that the first few times you apply a fixative you use too much or too little, don’t worry –simply remove any excess.

Removing your dentures

Your dentures are delicate; takecare not to drop them. If you struggle to take them out, walk away for 10 minutes and try again.

Cleaning your denture

Brush your denture every night thoroughly and ensure you remove all plaque and food debris. Soak in water overnight. You can soak your denture in diluted Milton for 30 minutes. Please do not leave them in the solution for any longer as this can wear them.

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